1985: --- Vassillios Kaparos sets up his Art Foundry in St.Stefanos, Athens and commenced casting sculptures, using the Lost Wax Method exactly as in ancient times.

1990: ---Relocation to a more spacious building in St.Stefanos, to accommodate expansion.

2006: ---Formation of the “NIKOLAOS KAPAROS Limited Company”.

2007: ---Relocation to a new purpose built site in Ritsona with a new aim and purpose:“To apply new technologies to the old methods of investment casting”.

2008:__Project assignment contract between Nikolaos Kaparos Limited Company and the Athens School of Fine Arts, with a view to  support and expand the education of students in casting methods.

2009: ---Realization of precision casting technology applied on artistic works and sculptures

2010: ---Sand casting method applied on artistic works and sculptures

2013: ---Artistic Business Gifts Gallery